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The only source of knowledge is experience.

                            Albert Einstein

Founded in 2017 to help universities train new professionals for the artificial intelligence market, the I2A2 - Institute of Artificial Intelligence has acted worldwide, selecting, training and mainly updating professionals, reducing the impact of new technologies in the job market.

The evolution of the teaching methods created by I2A2 gave rise to a new role for the institute in our society: to generate work experience in innovative projects for new talents in emerging technologies.

The Permission Paradox

 You can’t get the job without the experience

but you can’t get the experience without the job

Job Interview

One of the keys to overcoming the Permission Paradox is recognizing that when you apply for any job, you will be evaluated along two different dimensions: your potential to add value in the future and your track record in the area most central to the job. Depending on the position's seniority, these two sources of value – your potential and your experience – will be weighted in different proportions, like the scales of justice. As a general rule, the earlier you are in your career, the greater the importance of your potential value.

I2A2 Is a way to overcome the permission paradox in one of the most challenging markets: technology. 

Powerful Computer

Nearly 48% of the people said their degrees were not relevant to their current jobs.*

Emerging technologies have proven that more than just a classroom is needed to create a skilled professional. I2A2 members receive training in emerging technologies such as advanced robotics, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence in various aspects such as natural language processing, computer vision, and data science.

They are trained through real-world problems and implementations.


More than work experience, we provide life experiences.

Both sides of the Innovation
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