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How i2a2 is using artificial intelligence to find AI talents

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

In 2016, a group of artificial intelligence specialists decided to pursue a goal- to find out who would be the best kind of people to deal with new technologies. What would the ideal profile for these people look like?

Their only certainty was that seeking talent for current technologies by using older profiling techniques could lead to major mistakes in building an effective team.

What skills are we talking about?

Which skills belong to which type of professional?

We started training almost 200 people from various academic centres with a goal to train new professionals in artificial intelligence. Over time it became apparent that only a small percentage of them could obtain results. But why that happened just wasn't clear.

Soon the i2a2 - Institute of Applied Artificial Intelligence would emerge, to dedicate itself in mapping talents in a new way that would make sense for the generational change during this technological evolution.

Why not use artificial intelligence to map something so complex?

Thus was born our AI Inbound recruiter, a system that, based on the already known talents, could find similar ones while taking into account their personality differences.

Through questions built by artificial intelligence, the recruiter performs a kind of quiz game that can map characteristics that will indicate a talent for specific technologies.

This system has helped us find people who are distinguished by their speed of learning, with a high capacity for abstraction... all within a tenth of the time needed for a common educational program.

Our next step will be to map the absorption of content so that each subject is organized differently, according to each type of brain.

Welcome to the new age of education.

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